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Top 25 the best wedding table decoration ideas

Do you what are the most brilliant DIY wedding table decoration ideas? Which of these ideas can you use for your wedding? We have a lot of such ideas for you, so check out the article.

Do you what are the most brilliant DIY wedding table decoration ideas? Which of these ideas can you use for your wedding? We have a lot of such ideas for you, so check out the article.

wedding table decoration

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The festive table is an important attribute of the natural part of the wedding. The decoration of wedding table is a no less important part than the choice of a dress of marriage or a car. During the marriage feast, it is just impossible not to pay attention to how to decorate tables. A little imagination and few bucks - and your wedding table will become a true masterpiece of design art.

If you are planning a wedding, you are perfectly aware that the cost of it is likely to exceed the projected far. So you definitely need small parts, which require a great variety of the wedding. If your budget is limited and you dream about a wonderful, beautiful wedding with all the attributes, we propose adding a little fantasy, and finding the time to do some original ornaments with your own hands?

Every guest is in the right place

For visitors quickly and easily find a place on a celebratory banquet, you should to identify the tables and put up the guest list at the entrance to the hall, who will sit at an individual table.

Places may be numbered on tables or may be attached to goblets, for example, - such an unusual cards with name of guests.

Bride Groom Table

Making wedding table will help create a unique atmosphere of the wedding hall. Here will sit the primary culprits of celebrations that will catch all the views of the guests throughout the evening. A place for honeymooners is allocated from an end face of the table, and it is desirable near the wall. Chairs of newlyweds can be decorated with ribbons and flowers.

If you want to make fluffy "skirt" table the bride and groom, you will need:

A large number of light transparent fabric (tulle, mesh) or other tissue of your choice

The ribbon, which will keep the cloth (a little more than the perimeter of the table)

Safety pins


Get to work! =)

Cut the fabric into strips width of 10 centimeters and a length - in two heights of the table legs. Then you should tie long strips to the ribbon so that the strips are the same length. As a result, you get the ribbon, bound with strips of cloth, which will skirt.

Then you need to tie a ribbon-skirt around the edges of the table and fix it to the tablecloth using safety pins.

More color

If you make up your mind to move away from the traditional white and pastel palette, which usually decorate the wedding event, the color itself can be a great decoration. You should not be afraid to mix even such self-contained colors like pink, purple and turquoise, adding to them a little bit, "gold," if you want to emphasize the solemnity of the event. The only advice! You must not use more than three primary colors. It is better to make a riot of colors using tints

Away with the monotony

If your wedding is planned a few small tables, you might decorate the tables completely differently. Each table can be individualized, and even thematic: for older relatives, fellow artists and friends, colleagues and so on. In keeping with the theme, you can choose the dishes and utensils.

Take care of nature

Marriage is not a reason to strike for ecology. "Made with your own hands the elements of decor," - first, it gives uniqueness to your event, and secondly, is always nice to do a good deed. As an example, you might make candle holders out of bottles of wine, and flower vases - using cans by wrapping them with paper and tying with ribbons.

Eclecticism with flowers

I advise you to revive tables using flower arrangements composed of plants of different shades of one color gamut - from the brightest to almost white and pastel colors.

Add greenery

Do you want to get practical advice? You need to add a lot of greenery to floral bouquets. Firstly, it underlines the freshness and beauty of the flowers, and secondly it is a great wedding table decoration ideas on a budget. Why? Because it helps, save on the cost of the flowers.

Glamour, brilliance, beauty

Many people have a negative attitude to the rhinestones and sequins, meanwhile, - never say "never." If you manage to pick up the tasteful tinsel and glitter, this idea for wedding table decorations will be an excellent thing of your celebration. Sequins can correctly emphasize details or accents, for example, be used sequins instead of flower petals, which strew the road in front of the bride and groom or to decorate the place where lies the book wishes for the newlyweds.


Try to order napkins and tablecloths, cutlery in one location (unless you have booked a banquet room at a restaurant). Thus you will spend less time and less money. When choosing a napkin, you could try to play up the contrast - for example, it is better, if you use pink tablecloths with blue napkins.

Magic Tablecloth

Who said that the tablecloth must be white or linen? If you choose for your wedding an individual style, you should stick to it, even in small ways, and be original. Do you think about a "village wedding" in the garden or at the cottage? In this case, you can lay a table of rough burlap cloth. Do you imagine yourself heroine of the novel "The Great Gatsby"? - Choose silk tablecloths, decorated with beads. Finally, do you want to feel like a fairy princess? -You should book a tablecloth of gold brocade.

Multicolored glass

Goblets also do not have to be traditional colorless. You can select goblets of plain or colored glass with a pattern (for particularly daring can be found even with a leopard pattern). When choosing cookware, you should take into account, what foods and beverages are included in the wedding banquet menu: red wine in green goblets will look like a muddy slush.

...And be sure to bow-knot!

If you still stick to the traditional tastes and prefer white tablecloths and matching napkins, you might distinguish them using adorned with satin ribbon, string with beads or a unique decorative ring.

White and gold

If you are afraid that the white tableware is self-colored with a white tablecloth, you should substitute the gold, silver or another golden plate slightly larger diameter under it. Since these accessories have no functional loading, except for decorative, it can be quite inexpensive.

User-friendly menu

The menu for the banquet is not necessarily in the form of books or tablets. It is much more convenient - and for you, and for guests - print it on paper circles, size appropriate to the diameter of the cookware. So everyone will see what is on the plate.

Picnic at the height

If you decide to celebrate wedding an open-air, you should make sure that all the portioned snacks - sandwiches, pies, salads - packed in a separate box for each guest. It is elegant, comfortable and economical because you don't need to order the waiters in the catering company, to lay the tables.

Less, but better

Buy a few small cakes, - one for each table, instead of a single multi-tiered wedding cake. And even better is to buy assorted of graceful, colorful cupcakes, which can serve as a table decoration or become part of the composition with flowers and decorative elements.

Both above and below

Also, as advice, you might order huge bouquets to decorate the banquet hall in order the room did not seem flat.

It is also possible to combine in a single composition - tall candlesticks and elegant flower arrangements.

I look at you, as in a mirror

You can visually expand the wall of the room, using a mirrored surface. Mirrors can be not only vertical: beautiful mirrored flower vases and trays and set small tea candles on it.

Color or light?

Electricity is not able to create such a romantic and gentle atmosphere, as it can make candles. Candlesticks, vases, candelabra, vase filled with water - options how to fix candles are multiple numbers. The main thing - to take care of security in advance, place the candle in the middle of the table so that the guests could not reach them and accidentally knock over or sleeved clothes catch a fire.

Another way do not splurge on flowers - you might come up with an alternative: transparent cylindrical vases can be filled with water and to put on top of a few floating candles; on the tables, instead of bouquets can be delivered beautiful lanterns and potted plants like lavender or sage…

Scissors and paper

Paper garlands are relevant not only for matinees kindergarten. These straightforward and inexpensive decoration will adorn your celebration and create a comfortable, relaxed and a little child atmosphere. But you're still such children for your parents.

The node on happiness

Do you realize that ribbon is a great material for decoration? It's easy to make beautiful textural accents on the holiday table with their help. You can tie vases, boxes with gifts for guests, cutlery using ribbons or tie lush bows on the backs of chairs.

Lucky numbers

It's so conservative to place signs on the tables with the names of guests. It would be better to enumerate…! Smartest modern brides use metallic number plates which are nailed to the doors of flats or colorful plastic figures of children's educational kits. Also, they print numbers inserted in an elegant picture frame, which then can be used for wedding photos or use the vintage kind of playing cards, the main thing - do not miscalculate with aces =)

Edible table decorations

The next wedding table decor idea is edible decorations. This is a great option for people who will be present at the marriage with children. Fruit can be placed in a beautiful vase. It is color variety in itself is breathtaking. Combinations may be the most unusual, - from exotic fruits to usual for us. Incidentally, if among your friends is the master of fruit carving - you are very lucky. Fruit carving is a real art! Masters of carving using the vegetables and fruits cut real edible masterpieces!

A delicious fountain

It's great to would look - fountain with chocolate or wine and all sorts of sweets.

The look of these fountains is appetizing and tempting. This festive dessert is appropriate to the celebration of all levels and styles.

Wedding creativity

If you are not afraid to experiment, you can use as a decoration at first glance the most inappropriate things. The main thing is to show imagination and a little patience. So, even a small aquarium with goldfish can find refuge among the dishes and drinks on the wedding table.

You are free to make the knitting balls or pull on the old embroidery hoop lace and tie small bunches of wildflowers. Or, for example, you may fill old glass jars using colored cereals or petals or what about the decoration of bottles of champagne and wine?

You just have to add a little bit of creative ideas and your wedding will become the best celebration, and most importantly - the budgetary!!!

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A few tips for table decorations at a wedding:

It is not necessary to decorate wedding tables a week before the celebration - it is better to do it the day before the wedding, especially if you plan on using real flowers or fruit;

Remember that decorations should be in moderation: for example, if you have round tables for 5-7 people, you should choose only one composition in the center;

Please note that all elements of table should match the style of the wedding and combined with each other: tablecloth, napkins, cutlery and crockery, vases and other - must complement each other;

The compositions and decorative elements should not be high, - otherwise, the guests won't see not only the bride and groom, and even the neighbor sitting opposite. Choosing flowers and candles abstain from strong-smelling because these aromas will "kill" the smells of food and also can be a source of a headache;

Do not choose as the primary color is too bright color: at the end of the evening from the abundance of red, blue or green starts a headache and ripple in the eyes. It is better to make the basis of cream, white, gold or silver color - bright decorations on it will look very favorably;

Masterly folded napkin must be made of fabric, paper towels look cheap and inappropriately to such a case. You should put cards with name and bonbonniere near figured folded napkin.

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